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Yesterday I got promoted to LC. Naturally, I went straight to Earth and got a shiny new ship (an escort), and I promoted all my BOs to LTs. Then I spent some BO skill points on each of their new LT-level skills.

I opened up the Abilities list to put their new abilities on the action bars, but some of the new space abilities weren't in the list. With help from other players in the game, I came to realize that on the Assignments view for the ship, the BO slots were all listed as Ensign slots, except for one of the two tactical officer slots, which was an LT slot, and which had the only LT-level space ability I could apparently use.

Let me see if I understand the way this works: At any given rank (over LT), the one extra BO slot on the ship that corresponds to the ship type will be one level behind, while the other three slots will be two levels behind?

Why is this? Why are my other BOs limited to only using ENS-level abilities? Will it be like this until I make Cmdr., and then they'll finally be able to use their LT-level abilities?