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02-17-2010, 10:52 AM
Here’s how I’d do crafting:

1. Crafting takes place on shipboard.

2. You could trick your ship out to specialize in crafting at the expense of combat/science.

3. Your BO engineer is your crafter, or if a player wanted to concentrate on crafting it could be a subset of engineer

4.Skills for crafting would be their own tree added to the existing skill trees

5. The quality/power of what you craft is dependent upon skill level, crafting tools, and ingredient. This means that you have to have high skills, good tools, and great ingredient you make the most powerful items. So, while everybody could craft a phaser pistol the most powerful phaser pistols come from this combination.

6. I’d add quality to the drops of ingredients in order that only the best drops would come from the highest level play. This way there’d be interaction between the fighters getting the ingredient drops and the crafters that need the drops.

7. I’d allow anything above power X to have a customizable name by the crafter.

8. Memory alpha would be changed to Starfleet Engineering and would be the place for “crafting training”.

9. I’d not master list all items onto the auction servers. Rather each star base would have their own auction server for crafted items. This would force either crafters or their delivery folks to post items on different star bases.

10. I’d change the deep space encounters in such a way that you couldn’t opt out and crafters would run the risk of losing their goods if they weren’t escorted.

Anyhow, just some ideas for what they are worth and yes I did take this directly from another game that decided it was "not fun enough" and dumped it for a generic everybody makes exactly the same thing system. That game now hear's crickets at all hours of the day 24/7.