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02-17-2010, 10:52 AM
Originally Posted by Cristoforo
It is kind of sickening how some Klingon players whine about feds sticking together, calling it the 'fedball.'
Well I dont call sticking together a fedball.

On the other hand 90% of the games I have played I have to race over to the feds spawn point only to be met with a group of 5 feds all surrounded by mines and have no intention of moving and inch together or otherwise, thats a fedball.

There are some teams and fleets out there that understand they dont have to cower in a corner together in fear of the mighty Klingons. In fact it is better for us that you do stay in one place so I would perfer you keep doing it and here is why.

1. We can align all of our ships for the attack, get in to postition and range.
2. We can easily identify your ships and classes to assign targets.
3. Its much easier for us as Pugs to group our ships and play as a team when you do this.
4. We can very easily attack from behind your usually pointed in 1 direction in some sort of formation.
5. We always know where you are.

A moving target is much harder to hit then a stationary one, something I am sure the more experience groups already know. On another note sending out a lone escort 20k away from the fedball is not really a very inviting target, we arnt biting. It is actually kind of funny to see this and to think that you find this a viable strategy, but its a step in the right direction.

So dont get me wrong I am not slamming the fedball in fact I love it hangout at the gate and wait for the end to come because it is coming.