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02-17-2010, 11:56 AM
its an interesting idea..

but, crafters like the chance to explore as well, while hunting down crafting nodes (least i know quite a few who do anyway)

i would propose using this idea to expand upon social areas in the following manner.

each social area has a unique flavour to them, risa is a paradise and place of relaxation, earth is the political and cultural center of the federation, vulcan has science and mysticism and andoria has a harsh climate.. and there are other worlds with themes that can be tied into them.

so we expand the social areas, make new "crafting areas" in them. these areas would be different for each world, and specifically tie in to what could be "crafted/trained" there.

for example.

to increase ones logical crafted attribute you would travel to vulcan, beam down to the social area and move from it to a science academy. in there you would have a reasonable sized area filled with computers, books, something to give it a real "ancient place of learning but with modern resources" feel.

to train you would be sat at a console, or with a book and solve simple puzzles, memory tests or something not too taxing and impossible, but engaging and thematically accurate, earning attribute points in logic/science as you go. you can then use these points to raise specific qualities like the ones you mention above.

another example, for Risa.

to increase phsyical attributes, you beam down to risa and move from the social area to a large outdoor area filled with "platform game" style puzzles, where you physically have to complete objectives, like rock climbing or swimming up a river etc. again, nothing so complex that it would be impossible for people to do, just something engaging and fun. while doing this you earn phsyical attribute points which can then be spent on improving qualities like you mention.

now, here's a twist for you..

once someone has reached a max grade (5 grades, at ten levels each, so 50 levels, 5 grades) in a specific quality, they can then go to memory alpha and use items and collected materials that we've already got and "work" with a scientist who specialises in that trait and learn how to make themed items that can be sold.

for example.

someone who's trained to level ten in a science/logic themed attribute would learn how to write "papers" on various subjects. they'd then be able to sell these to other players (i'm thinking set price here tbh, high-powered crafted items create all kinds of issues with an imbalance of crafters only taking certain professions and routes so they can earn the most money, a set price for these items basically stops that and makes sense thematically) items like this would give a temporary boost in the attributes they're based on. so someone could use one of these items, and get a 30 min boost to a specific logic attribute. (you read a published paper on medical advances, this gives you a 1% boost to all healing given and recieved for 30 min or so)

with physical training, an item could be something like "Mr Worf's callasthetics program" was in the series, so you'd buy the item called "training program" and it would give you a 1% boost to melee damage for 30 min.

something like this allows us to craft ourselves, while giving us expanded social areas, mini games and a source of income, as well as making use of the memory alpha system (which could carry on along side this as it is) which i think should please everyone..

well, except anyone who has to code it.. >_> that'd be the HARD part