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02-17-2010, 11:36 AM
I agree with a lot what OP said, but have an even bigger issue. If you followed the DS9 mirror episodes (er, DS9 the TV show, not the DS9 mirror episodes in STO), we find the Terran Empire in a very different place than in TOS or ENT. I would love some explanation as to how in such short time the Terran Empire reasserted itself, kicked the Cardie / Klingon Alliance out of the way, and developed ships like we now have after missing out on everything in starship design (presumably) between the Excelsior and the Defiant. That really didn't make a whole lot of sense (unless they have been in our universe much longer... Ah ha! The Terrans are really Undine! )

But yeah, I was also really hoping to find my mirror counterpart. Kinda like the quest line from WoW where you meet your "future self" and then, later in the game at a high level, do the other side of it (with a giant storyline reveal, so not just a fun use of model cloning).