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02-17-2010, 02:28 PM
Originally Posted by CDR_Mat
So you've played this game for 2 hours since it's been released...
Well actually I hit admiral the first week. Since then i've logged in maybe twice.

Theres just nothing to do, not enough content. I didn't even play that much every day, and I was bored after about the first hour of playing this game but forced myself to continue through it because I wanted a sovereign class ship.

No MMO ever made, even at release, had as little content as this one. When you can LITERALLY do everything in the game that is possible to do in one week, they failed as game designers, it's that simple. Other games took months to max out at release, and they fought in unique locations progressively, fought hundreds of enemy types, and had quests that actually had some degree of story behind them and even the ones with similar goals were different because they were specific to the situation.

In this, 90% of the game is just patrols and exploration missions which are basically the same handful of mission goals (half a dozen Scan 5 things or Kill 5 Group variants) on a dozen or so randomly selected maps that don't even change.

There are only maybe 30ish missions, if that, which involve actual storyline and something unique to do.

This game is just a waste. Maybe months from now it'll be worth paying for but certainly not now.