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02-17-2010, 02:00 PM
Originally Posted by ultrium View Post
I just want to thank cryptic for making this game so bad. It is actually working out very well for me and allows me to play an 'MMO' occasionally rather than obsessively, while studying/doing real life stuff. It is also star trek and has 1 or 2 things to keep me entertained every now and then.

Anyone else in the same boat? so bad it's good?

Interesting! Ya, it's bad .. that's for sure! But I hear you, it is most definately made for the occaasional gamer .. someone who sits down for 20 mins or so, per day, to make some tiny incremental step forward, and over a great of time invested may feel an eventual sense of accomplishment, although I believe a completely worthless one.

The potential that one should expect, from a Trek-related MMO, is completely lost with this "design" .. compared to what it could have been, that 20 mins is no more interesting than a session of Space Invaders.