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Originally Posted by Movieguy12 View Post
1.on this website that keeps getting advertised on the game it says i can buy 100k for $19.99 now is 100k 100,000 or 100....cause 100 is easy to get 100,000 not so much...

2.uniforms can i have multiplle uniforms? not the ones you equip but like maybe different uniforms for whenever i wanna change into something else.??? like off city of heroes....

3. do i get like a first officer or anything or just the tatical sciience and enginering? a lvl 5 leut. when do i get a new tired of this tiny thing....
1) These are gold farmers report them and move on do not use their services if you are caught your account can be banned these services are not sanctioned by cryptic nor any other online game you play.

2) You can unlock a second uniform option when you join a Fleet. Cryptic may include other uniform slots on the c-store at a later date.

3) First officers are not currently in the game nor does there appear to be anything in the works just people asking for it on the forums.

4) You get your next ship at lvl 11 and you spend the required skill points you will receive a hail from Admiral Quinn.