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02-17-2010, 02:26 PM
Originally Posted by OddjobXL View Post
One quick note: When I'm talking about the Holodeck in terms of player created content I'm thinking more in line with actual Star Trek settings and NPCs that are from the main universe (content you could find in the existing game). Holmes and the rest...might be pushing it. Cryptic's got a very full plate and the function, from their perspective, of player generated content is lightening their load not adding a huge amount of additional asset creation to it.

That said...the option for a empty Holodeck grid room could work out so players so inclined could just sit down and ad lib, in text, any old kind of adventure they want to. Old fashioned MUD/MUSH roleplaying and the bland room design would help keep distractions at bay.
My inclination is to think that asset-heavy content like Holmes-ian London would be offered in one or more C-Store packs as something that clearly falls outside the mission statement of active content developers.

Ideally, you have a separate team doing C-Store content, specifically avoiding assets which would ordinarily be developed for the game itself.