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Originally Posted by Puffball View Post
Im confused on how all this works.
So say we all...
Originally Posted by Puffball View Post
Can someone please explain in laymans terms what all of it means? Im confused about what skills to take, what bridge officers to get and what skills to train them in, skill levles, and is there only so many skill points you get or do you still keep getting them after admiral 5? How do the tiers of powers/ships and abilities work? I so confused
First, skills affecting items. If you right-click an item, then select Info, you *should* get a list of skills this item is affected by.

Second, bridge officers. Personal preference and play style. It's all up to you to select whichever bridge officer you want based on what skills they have. If you later change your mind, you can pay to have them retrained, or when you are offered a new bridge officer through a hail, you can use this new one to retrain one of you current (replace one of their skills).

Third, skills affecting bridge officer skills. I have not found anything in game that tells which character skills affect bridge officer skills. You have to make an educated guess. the details of your character skills give a couple of examples of which bridge officer skills they affect, but it is not a complete list.

Fourth, skill points. Your character has a skill cap, meaning that once you reach Admiral 5, you cannot upgrade anymore of your character's skills. Also, there is not currently any respec option, so be careful where you place your character skill points. Bridge officers do not have a skill point cap. This means that even after you reach Admiral 5 and are maxed out, you can still continue to earn and spend bridge officer skill points.

Fifth, ship tiers. There are 5, one for each character rank. You get a free ship every time you rank up. There are three classes per tier: tactical, engineer, science. Which one you choose when you rank up is, again, personal preference.

Sixth, skill/power tiers. I'm not sure myself. Let's hope someone else has that answer.

Hope all this helps.