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02-17-2010, 02:29 PM
I think the biggest issues I have are that (for me at least) there just seems to be one mode of doing anything - hit the fire all button and all your special abilities when they've finished cooldown. Now I admit that someone may tell me this doesn't work later on (and it hasn't worked all the time for me), but with respawn and run back in you just don't seem to have to think.

I've explored around a bit and to be honest the only things I seem to like doing is the Starbase 24 instance and going to the exchange to build up my ship. I'm much more inclined towards the RPG side of things, but still like teaming up with people to conquer that hard mission. To be honest in this there have only been maybe 20% of missions where I've seen other people teaming and because some of those are auto-PUGs it doesn't really seem like teaming.

Before I got this game I was hoping to see some of the stuff the OP hinted at. I wanted star systems I could fly through, passing large 3D planets, the ability to have motion in all 3 dimensions, not being stuck on same strange map with lines running through it with a number of "systems" that I slowly made my way towards. I think I was looking for something like Frontier (Elite 2) where I'd select the system I wished to go to and could warp there then have to take impulse into the system. I think space doesn't actually feel like space until you're inside a system (then you're usually on your own).

I saw Vulcan on the map and decided to take a visit there, expecting to find a vast explorable planet loaded with Vulcans, instead there was a path, a couple of statues and nowhere to really go (unless I was missing something). Perhaps some better random encounters ("Sir, I'm picking up a distress signal") type stuff, or the chance to launch your own distress calls.

I agree with the damage stuff in the OP, perhaps there should be times when your ship can't actually auto repair and you have to call for help, or travel to a starbase to get repairs - perhaps your ship has some "downtime" (obviously not too long). What about the ability to beam across to another person's ship (friendly or enemy) and either launch a raiding party, or help out at a tactical station.

I admit that alot of these ideas might go in in the future, and to be honest I'm open to coming back - but the initial release seems to be a "nearly" for both the space and ground based stuff, maybe they should have commited to one of the other at first?