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02-17-2010, 03:41 PM
A good rule of thumb for equipment. This is of course not set in stone as I'm sure there are exceptions but this is from my observation.

Even level gear (Mk IV, Mk VI etc) are available via drops(common, uncommon, rare), exploration badge vendors (uncommon), and crafting (rare).

I have yet to find a vendor that sells craft-able common gear.

Odd level gear can be purchased at any number of vendors of varying quality.

If your looking for gear upgrades my best suggestion is to go for exploration badges to get the max Mk level uncommons (Even level gear) for your rank. You can take any craftable drops you find while running exploration missions to craft further. You can purchase the lower level gear (odd levels) from vendors to fill any holes in your loadout.

Basically each rank has 2 levels of gear available. Odd level (Mk V, Mk VII) is the low end stuff. Even level gear (Mk Vi, Mk VIII), is the high end gear for your rank.

You can purchase the low level gear at vendors, usually just the common stuff. Your high level gear comes from Exploration badges (Uncommon) and crafting (rare).

Hope that was more clear than Mudd (<---that was a pun. Get it?)