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02-17-2010, 02:51 PM
Why bother playing the game if you aren't playing to win? Every moment.

I joined a t1 fed game yesterday and it was myself and another fed vs 3 kdf with two more inbound.

The only other fed in the game full-impulsed to the center of the map and got jumped by 3 kdf. I invited him to team.

I hung back, and they all attacked him so I came in for the kill, locked onto a kdf and let cannons fly, and launched spread torps - meanwhile dropping hazard emitters and eng team on the fed they are killing. The KDF smell blood, and stay on target.

The KDF that I attacked tried to run, and got popped by a chasing torp, now it was 2 vs 2, and one kdf almost dead. I turn on that one and my teammate dies just as this kdf dies. The last kdf and I are going at it, and two more kdf show up. They get me down to almost dead, and the kdf I am after is almost dead too. With my last move, I fly 'in front' of the KDF I am fighting so that when I blow up, he's trying to avoid being on top of me, fails and gets blown up by my death.

2-3, our favor. 3 feds in the game and 5 kdf.

3 new feds come in, and start rushing into the middle full impulse and dying one after the other. I invite them one by one, and start barking orders. "Follow me" "Target me, attack my target"

We're down 9-3 now, but we are attacked again and drive the KDF off, and they lose 2 ships and we lose 2 who give chase. 11-5 now.

a couple kdf fly in unassasted attempting to get an easy kill on a guy I left with a little hull damage. 1 more kdf, death and then a massive dogfight with 4 kdf and 5 feds. They take out one guy fast, and the second guy almost as fast. 13-11 now.

Now the kdf are hanging back. We're killing them faster than they are killing us. They launch from stealth on me, but I heal myself and break LOS using the rocks. They lose 1 and withdraw. 13-12.

Now we wait. I crank up my aux to max, and I detect two of them at edge of firing range brieflly but can't exploit it. I see them incoming but can't type to warn, I use attack on assist to drop sci team on my teammate who is getting swarmed but he dies fast. I call out for team to assist me, as they are on different targets and they do - and one kdf goes down, and then another fed and match is over... 15-13.

It was enjoyable, exciting and challenging. A GG, and one I'm glad to have played. What more is there?