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02-17-2010, 02:51 PM
Originally Posted by Ashar
Thats the point, you get the skils via your various kits, but since your boffs cant use kits, the teach feature was put in. When in combat, you cant expect to do everything yourself. you and your officers work as a team, otherwise you shoudl beable to fly your ship on your own, without any officers.
So you are saying that even though I have put 2700 points into learning a skill and have become proficient enough to teach others to do it, I can not kick an enemy myself unless I put a special suit on....

Problem is they are treating all skill usage the same. You are correct about Space, it is teamwork. Ground though is more independent.

Space skills should be limited by usage of a common device or BO. For example, Jam Sensors and Charged Particle Burst can not be used until one or the other cools down due to them both going through Sensor Arrays. A BO should only be able to do one thing at a time. Your main character though is the senior BO and the skills that it knows (unlocked skills) should be available to use like all the other BO skills.

Ground skills should just be limited to the cool down of the skill. The whole fact that wearing a suit enables skills is pretty stupid in the first place, a suit should enhance skills (like armor enhances protection or strength) .

Trainning wise, trainning a BO in a Space skill that your main character knows will allow a BO to use that skill if your main character is busy doing another skill and the device the skill requires is available. Trainning a BO in a Ground skill does the same as now.

Skills you know ( have unlocked) should be available to use at any time.