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02-17-2010, 03:09 PM
Originally Posted by Gildon View Post
Actually you epic fail, time to make 13 posts? probably 5 minutes. TOPS - HELL i've posted MORE here today in 10 minutes than the DEVS who run the damn game.

NOT ONE single post on real big issues players are discussing (go look at the posts with 1k or more responses) NOT a single cryptic remark.

Defend them all you want, but even ONE response to a hot topic would be nice. There ya go, my number is anything above ZERO to our discussions (hot topics).

Not sure why you feel the need to defend, but your seriously misguided. On the flip-side, you are going to be THRILLED with McDonalds service with your bar for customer service set where it is.

what would you prefer

a dev to log in and say "i'm sorry, i cant do anything about this, see, i make textures, this is a database issue, but i'm fairly sure they're working on it" and be jumped all over by people who are angry.

or the dev or devs who are working on the problem to stop working on it and log on to say "yeah, we're working on it, well not right now because i'm on the forums" and be jumped all over for not being at work on it

situations like that they cant win, if they say they're aware and working on a fix people are angry because its not done yet, and if they stay silent to avoid that situation then people complain they're not being listened to...

frankly i'd go with saying nothing and getting the work done myself.