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02-17-2010, 03:16 PM
I largely agree with the originater of this post.....though I am hanging around to see what happens.

I heard/read that they were hurting for funds, thus an extremely early release. Lets see what they can do with money coming in now.

I know you can't please everyone and some people never...but yes this game is larglely unfinished...or at least I hope it is and someone doesnt think they did a bang up job on it.
But I am a sucker ( bought the lifetime) and I will stick around for awhile and see how things change. No other pressing matters in games right now...since I used STO as an excuse to leave WoW after 5+ years(was a beta *****) of raiding(so thx cryptic at least for that, and dont tell my old guild, they may try to drag me back.) for me and the gold spammers glitchy single planet systems....funky flying, repetitive (even more so than usual) quests, repetitve quests, repetitive quests and an almost amazing assortment of other even more glaring issues. I will be here to see what they do with least till something shinier comes along.

A couple of things I saw others comment on......
Ummm Yea the whole MMO/RPG thing....imo most qualify an MMO as having the ability to chat and group with other live people. right or wrong, that is a lot of times the only major differance in the two.

Yep STO thus far has very little need to group, I assume they plan to change that. Though I could have used some help when I killed that Doomsday device...think it was bugged or something, it took me 2 hours. get him to zero, he would heal, xero, sucked. finally he died though...but I didnt get a very nice reward for it taking 2 hours.

I run STO with the settings maxed, except for AA. I have zero issues with the running of the game.....well video issues..there are many "creator issues".

Glaring issues imo

The game looks and plays very very much like it is unfinished.

Is it just me or does every planet mission where I am am either scanning 5 flora or talking to 5 angry miners(and someone asked in an earlier post if we would rather talk to 5 angry npcs...been there done that doin it some more)seem to have the exact same design with different paint?? The base missions where I click 5 computers or kill some Gorn scum, almost identical. creativity and diversity....websters dictionary will explain these.

I just turn all of mine off..because it is a mess...but the chat window/ system is jacked. Good thing this is an rpg and not an mmo where I might need to communicate.

Quest often times do not give you any info on where to find the place I am supposed to scan 5 flora(system/sector). And the skills listing, do not give you nearly enough info for some of the skills.

Oh hell...why spend time listing things here...I am sure it has all been said, either nicely or rather not so nice.... I will just close in saying this......

You guys have the have the hardcore Trekkies, you have the Gamers and you have the Trekkie fan Gamers.....if you get busy finishing this thing...yes I know it is already realeased but one will remember how bad you screwed this up, if you take all this MASSIVE AMOUNTS of information and story GIVEN to you guys and fix the problems and make it right...all anyone will remember is that your the ones that made thier dreams of being a Starship Captain and hitting on Aliens of every race dream come true..or is that just James T and My dream?
You talk about all this content to release, fine, but lets fix what we have as well. No use making more broken bs...More impressive and more money( i assume) in the long run to release less of a great product than a massive amount of crap.

Now stop reading this crap and go fix some. :p

3n1gMa- respawning soon, in a solar system near you!