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02-17-2010, 03:21 PM
Originally Posted by captainpost View Post
why are the Hirogen in the alpha quadrant anyway? they are from the delta quadrant right?
It is a bit of a stretch, but, in Voyager, they did have a sensor network that extended almost to the Alpha Quadrant (which, of course, Janeway and crew ended up overloading it lol). Even though the network seemed abandoned, I'm guessing the Hirogen have made it to our neck of the woods at some point or other.

I personally like the Hirogen (also, I'm a huge Voyager fanboi, so anything bringing that into the game is great for me), and I wouldn't mind having a Romulan captain with a Hirogen tactical officer as Rotten_Emu posted. When/if the Romulans do become a faction, of course.

(Which I don't doubt they will eventually, given that Jack Emmert is a big fan of them.)