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02-17-2010, 03:24 PM
Originally Posted by bugen4 View Post
I don't know if the OP (or others) even read through the Dev Tracker because despite how many dev posts there has been today, they're all from one person: Coderanger

And he's basically responding to only account login problems. F-to the-AIL

.....i just wanted to say fail =(
Its starting to become obvious to me that after the whole Gozer incident the devs may have said to each other, " Well, if they're going to act like that we just wont talk to them at all! They're rude and obnoxious! Sick of dealing with them! "

So fine, dont post. Thats not going to teach anyone a lesson or anything though. Its just going to probably tick off people more. As is obvious.

And ticked of customers doesnt really help a business.

People are rude, obnoxious, vile, detestable, take your pick. And generous, kind, courteous, etc.

You win some you loose some. Devs or mods should respond and give input and ignore the people that want to flame or get nasty as need be. But that doesnt mean ignore the entire forums.

Maybe they're having a busy day today. Who knows.