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02-17-2010, 03:25 PM
Since someone commented on the definition of 'work day' for Cryptic, here's a small rant.

The "work day" for an MMO should be determined by your game's needs, not ensuring you have weekends off. Every single online game has one trend in common; traffic picks up on the evenings and weekends. Shouldn't this be when you have people on hand to deal with the issues and problems that develop more rapidly from the increased player population?

And yet...when we keep having server crashes and lag issues on the weekends and seems that no one's manning the office, and we're basically told to sit back and wait for Banker's Hours in California to get any real answers or solutions.

In short, you find yourself working in the gaming/entertainment industry. That means you're working when your client base needs you around. Suck it up, and enjoy a day off sometime during the week. :\