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02-17-2010, 03:33 PM
You know, I don't care if my actions don't affect the way the universe treats other players - that's a fair trade for not having the universe treat me differently because of the actions of other players. Like Clarence, I don't like you very much .

What I would like is for the universe to treat me differently based on my actions. If I'm a butcher in a starfleet uniform, I want NPCs back at Spacedock to *cringe* when I stroll by. If I'm a galacitc envoy of peace and joy, they can wave to me all friendly like. If I'm a slouch in the big chair, devil-may-care rogue with a string of outlandish victories against impoosible odds, they can stop and cheer. I'm worth it. And missions that give me choices in methods and outcomes that accumulate towards these sort of iconic roles are totally worth it. This is a level of sophistication games have reached, and expending the effort to implement it in an MMO is going to be the next plateau.