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02-17-2010, 03:37 PM
Look at these two images:
Now, imagine those scenes in STO where your ship is "travelling" at warp with little dots of light whizzing past to represent stars. Just like in the opening and closing scenes in your favourite star trek episodes of TNG, DS9 and Voyager.

For those who would like to see it in action:

And now imagine a galaxy map the size of this with each dot representing a system:

StartrekOnline deserves this kind of gameplay. Eve borrowed it from the franchise. Currently a lot of people play Eve because its the closest they get to a "true" space based MMO.
Its time STO challenged EVE to its throne.

Originally Posted by siriusds89 View Post
I personaaly wouldn't lke the EVE system, which is just disguised instances with global chat options, I'd like a more WoW like map where you can walk from the top of a continent to the bottom with no loading screens or jumping locations unless you choose to. Obiviously STO would use a Glaxay map rather than a landmass, but still..
Agreed. But you have to create the illusion if its physically not possible to create one big huge universe.
Thus when you finish in one local system, you "go to warp" (cue the eve style warping scene), and then you load into the destinations local space instance.

The local space instances would be exactly the same as they are now. Its only the bit in between that changes. And because only YOUR ship (and the obligatory few dots of light whizzing past to represent stars) is being drawn in your own private "warp" instance, loading times would possibly be down to near zero. This is because it wouldn't have to draw all the other ships around you. Which means a noticable decrease in the server demand (because its all rendered on the client computer and only needs to communicate with the server when entering and leaving that instance).

Having a private "warp" instance for your ship also addresses another player concern:
the sheer amount of instance changing and gameworld loading in the game.

More seamless "going to warp" scenes + Less instance "hopping" + more immersion in the startrek universe + less demand on the servers = happier playerbase