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02-17-2010, 03:47 PM
Going on 3 weeks: "Not allowed to access the server at this time"

No response from ANY submitted ticket.

Why bother anymore - I have asked for a refund since a non-functional product was sold to me; that there is no technical or customer support whatsoever; and that not a single comment from Cryptic has been issued addressing a known problem. This is a retail product with a lifetime subscription. I should have remembered:

Buyer Beware -

And please don't tell me that Cryptic is a small company and that they cannot respond promptly like a "big" company can. Size has NOTHING to do with support. Support is to be in-place FIRST, not LAST. Obviously pulling in coin is more important than reputation.

I will settle for a refund and leave this wanna-be-game to the vultures.

What a disappointment -