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02-17-2010, 05:18 PM
Originally Posted by The_Pattern_Jugglers View Post
...the sector maps didn't look like pizza boxes?

What I'm saying is, instead of a finite sector with clearly defined borders and a grid to constantly remind you this is a video game representation of space, what if the unexplored sectors and quadrant (at least) were represented with an open star field, with no apparent borders or limits?

Ultimately, there would have to be borders, but they could be the equivalent of thousands upon thousands of light years out. Loss of directional sense could be alleviated by more steady markers on the map, maybe just generalized directional guides.

My feeling is, if you make the unexplored sectors of the galaxy feel vast, and if you give players a real sense of exploration by forgoing borders and giving as little information as possible, it's more than possible to breath new life into one area of the game that is sorely lacking, yet so integral to the Star Trek franchise.

It would be a great way to convey that "inky blackness between the stars" that some science fiction writers (Reynolds, Banks, etc) are so good at portraying, and if there's some persistence to it, rather than the randomly generated "anomaly systems" of currently "unexplored space," there'd be a lot more motivation to explore.

Any thoughts on this?
I definitely agree with this. I'd like it to be an open, apparantly borderless starfield that occasional your long range sensors detect star systems with possible planets in them (this is where the random system and mission generator takes over). Add in features such as being able to save the location of the star system so that you can revisit it later, and there can even be item stats related content where the better your sensors, the more often you detect star systems.

No grid lines, just vast space with star fields and nebulae in the background. When you are done exploring simply warp back to sector space or transwarp back to earth space dock.