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02-17-2010, 05:21 PM
I agree with you totally. I have played WoW for 5 years and never gotten board. They have great raid instances, end and replayable at heroic levels, True PvP (both in a controlled Battle ground and random encounters) plus my guild can do raids on opposing faction bases. If I want to just roam around the country side I can. This game you beam down to a cornered off location run to scan this glowing piece of crap to the next and beam to the ship, but wait it actually asks you if you want to keep exploring? LMAO, explore what?

STO is City of Heroes with a Trek skin. I quit City of Heroes to start playing WoW because other that the Character creator that game sucked. STO content is repetitive, the PvP sux bad and is not balanced at all (I have played alone against 5 other players, have respawned in a wall with no GM assist. etc...) Every damn thing in this game is load screens and instances. It has no real world feel to at all. The faction in balances are fracking clown shoes. Klingon content blows. PvP again as I said sux. The "Exchange" is linked to both factions. They have a skill point option of t2 cruiser but no cruiser. The uniform choices are limited (the damn NPC Klingons have cool eye patches and Command coats) was this too much to add for players? I play my Klingon from the Great hall and just queue up PvP as it is my only option for this half @$$ horribly made after thought of a faction. WoW has 6 "Complete" playable races with their own Cities, uniforms and quests (all originally created.) Star Trek has been around for over 40 years with every tid bit of information on major races out there and Cryptic still couldn't put a 2 faction Balanced game together. This game should be called Federation online. The UI is like a replica of the Star Trek Dominion Wars game. (Don't believe me look it up) The Klingon computer sounds just like my Fed computer (Majel Roddenberry.)

I will play this off and on (between my WoW FUN raids or even MW2 matches) and HOPE Cryptic can pull this game up. If not I'll cancel My Son's, Daughters and My own accounts. (Hell my Son quit after Beta saying it sucked.) You do the math Cryptic 3 monthly subs at $15 a month is money lost, and I'm sure by looking at the forums I'm not alone.

Signed a ****ed off Star Trek fan and customer.