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02-17-2010, 05:23 PM
Originally Posted by Ipittythefoo

You're kidding right....
I mean really? REALLY?

If you're that worried about it, then you haven't been playing MMO's for that long a, and b, maybe you shouldn't play them...
smulx doesn't need to be ridiculed. it's a valid question that doesn't need a sarcastic, judgmental response.

Some folks haven't played MMOs. STO may be their first experience. Be a part of the solution, not a problem.

To smulx:
"Buyer beware" applies to any purchase. Unfortunately, STO players aren't getting a solid, stable playing experience. I know I'm tired of working a long day, tending to family and responsibilities, then trying to catch a few cycles of STO playing time... only to have the server disconnect, become inaccessible, etc.

I wish Cryptic or Atari would step forward and address their issues, although such admissions might leave them vulnerable to legal issues. Admission of failure, despite good intentions, would be unwanted baggage for them.

MMOs are (sadly) notorious for their unscheduled downtimes, their code issues, lackluster customer service and building the perception of a great playing experience... but failing to deliver when the product goes live.

Put bluntly, STO should NEVER have been released from beta until more bugs were fixed and server capacity was addressed. Dealing with the Head Start ("Headache Start") weekend downtimes was horrendous. I would like to be credited back my $$ which I paid Atari for that weekend!

But we're not going to get money back for downtime.

Maybe a class-action lawsuit over failure to deliver promised goods (such as items which I paid for as part of my digital download, but haven't seen in the game, like the TOS uniforms, the "Khaaaaan!!" scream, etc.) would help.

To Cryptic/Atari:

BOTTOM LINE: Cryptic, please do two things:

1.) Create an announce-only thread which highlights downtime, planned uptime. A better form of communication is NEEDED. Right now, you are fueling a bad reputation for poor customer service, lackluster uptime.

2.) Start updating the log-in screen with current information!

THE MORE YOU COMMUNICATE, the more trusting and understanding the community might become.

Believe me, I won't try Champions--or any future Cryptic products--until I see a commitment to better processes, more uptime, more server stability, and better communications with its customers.