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02-17-2010, 05:12 PM
Mr Fehkov's log Stardate a couple of days ago

Whilst feasting on Earth Chillies far too hot for my Trill digestive system I stumbled into a career within Star Fleet and was subsequently recruited by Star Fleet Operations, a helpful band of officers spread throughout the ranks of the Federation.

Having lost all memory of my life before arriving on a starfleet transport this early recruitment has proven positive in helping me now command my own ship whilst still only being a lieutenant. Obviously this has nothing to do with the current shortage of officers in starfleet or the earth credits that dissappear from my bank once a month, but as i have proven myself with various mission of great importance.

Commanding the U.S.S Delirium has so far been a steep learning curve, finding that if we want peace we must first prepare for war and if for some reason the ship explodes i merely wait for a little bit then i can either get back in teh fight or realise the opposition might be a little well equpped and i can tactically let starfleet known (in person) where they are.

May my career continue far into the future where i make a difference and eventually get to help someone of a lower rank than myself, breed a Tribble and never ever see another sword wielding elf again!

Over and out <insert cool name for fleet members, maybe Fleeties? no, Comrades, hmm no, Tribbles? someone else come up with it, the chillies are playing up gotta shoot>

Mr Able Fehkov