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02-17-2010, 05:13 PM
Originally Posted by Jonathan_Kent View Post
1; At least I can spell Punctuation is a work in progress right between string theory and how to play STO.

2; Sure, I have nothing against other languages.... What I do dislike is people who expect to communicate in a predominantly English speaking area when they can not speak it/spell it/paragraph it coherently.

3; When I die..... Ill take you up on that.

To-do for *you* :

1; Relax and read my sig

2; Get off your high horse

3; When you die you too can achieve number 3 on your list for me.
(which may happen sooner than you think considering how high that horse of yours is and how bad a fall would be climbing down)
I personal find it sad that even with the knowledge that he probably didn't use English as his primary language you choice to ignore what he was posting about and basically bully him. You should be ashamed but I don't think you have the common courtesy to be so.

as for :

2. Everyone who can use a second language has a varying degree of competence. Sadly you acknowledge this yet still attack the person for it. How many languages can you speak, write in between trying to figure out STRING THEORY ( yeah right )

3. are you serious or just slightly retarded?!?

enjoy my quote and get working on the part where i said stop being an A$$hat.