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02-17-2010, 05:15 PM
Originally Posted by CommanderReed
Why cant we just acknowledge this guys complaints in a mature way? Or not acknowledge them at all? Do we really have to flame? Makes you no better than the complainer when you do that.

And just because he complained doesnt necessarily mean he did anything wrong.

I love STO. Im worried about the lack of content, but what content thats there is fantastic in my opinion and I very much enjoy it.

When I play STO I end up having more fun than I think I ever have in any mmorpg Ive ever played. It has its problems but its a great achievement.
Its not the complaints that bother me, its the delivery plus the fact that people who are quitting feel the need to say so.

If you are loosing your vested interest in the game then why say anything?

As for flaming... you have never seen me angry.
If you think my particular way at poking fun is flaming you have clearly been to much nicer corners of the internet or are much more of an optimist....

either way I salute you for being nicer than me.

Originally Posted by kip View Post
ive checked everything already its on cryptic ends
Or somewhere in-between.....

You could try running an online speed-test against a server somewhere in California to see if theres some kind of major lag issue.

Originally Posted by zugstum
I personal find it sad that even with the knowledge that he probably didn't use English as his primary language you choice to ignore what he was posting about and basically bully him. You should be ashamed but I don't think you have the common courtesy to be so.
I don't need to respond to what he is posting about beyond asking him to leave, there are way too many
"I quit" threads as it is, and if he wanted help with the issue he could have gone to tech support.
(yet you notice I'm actually making an effort to help him diagnose the problem anyways)

Originally Posted by zugstum
2. Everyone who can use a second language has varying degree of competence. Sadly you acknowledge this yet still attack the person for it.
My point stands that if you can not speak the language in a coherent fashion you are better off waiting until you can unless it is absolutely necessary to try and make your point. (In this case it is not if he is leaving as he claims.

I think you're just skating the two other issues here;

1; That he brought this on himself for making a 'I'm Quitting" post

2; That you just came in here in order to bite off way more than you can chew in a pointless argument that you can't win much like this;

Originally Posted by zugstum
3. are you serious or just slightly retarded?!?
Both, but it rarely shows due to my sardonic sense of humor, excellent command of vocabulary, and relatively good ability to spout jargon.