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02-17-2010, 05:17 PM
Originally Posted by Jonathan_Kent View Post
Its not the complaints that bother me, its the delivery plus the fact that people who are quitting feel the need to say so.

If you are loosing your vested interest in the game then why say anything?

As for flaming... you have never seen me angry.
If you think my particular way at poking fun is flaming you have clearly been to much nicer corners of the internet or are much more of an optimist....

either way I salute you for being nicer than me.

Well I wasnt really trying to pick at you or anything. It just seems this happens when anyone talks about what they dont like. I was kind of talking in general.

And I'll probably leave STO one day, and when I do I'll say farewell. And I'll probably give a reason as to why Im leaving. And it might be a complaint or two.

But I'll at least make sure to put some things I really liked in there too, and make sure to wish everyone happy journeys.