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02-17-2010, 05:26 PM
Ok, so I've posted about this before but basically, yes, I agree with the OP:

* Remove all the grid lines and nebula blob from unexplored space. Leave the signposts as markers. Make unexplored space look like wide open, space.

* Remove all the grid lines and "highways" from normal sector space. Redo the art assets of the systems to look slightly more realistic.

* Leave the colored tint for who controls what part of space (blue for Fed, red for Klingon, etc.) but tone it down. Make it very subtle but noticeable. Obviously unexplored space would have no tint at all.

* Leave all signposts to mark sector borders.

Speaking as a professional programmer, these changes shouldn't affect the engine at all, it's just art work that needs to be done. If these changes do require massive changes to the engine well... then I'm sorry Cryptic, but you're doing it wrong

The point is, these changes are relatively easy to make, don't drastically change the existing game play (ie, easy to implement) and I think would make people a LOT happier.

To answer someone's (rhetorical?) question about why we are limited in MMOs: The reason MMOs (and almost any game) try to reuse assets, can't have huge zones easily, etc. is because of what happened during the open beta download: the internet isn't built to handle these sorts of loads and it was nearly impossible to download a client at a reasonable speed because everyone was downloading the clients.

People talk about cloud computing and using the internet for all your apps but let's be reasonable: things work better when they run locally. They are faster, more robust, and more secure. The internet infrastructure was never designed for the sorts of loads we put on it and it's insanely easy to bring servers to their knees.

Sorry for the long post