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# 1 Looking for well rounded fleet
02-17-2010, 05:36 PM
Hello fellow STOers,

I've been playing MMOs for a long time now, and if there's one universal truth that they all share, it's that the right guild / fleet / linkshell / whatever, can make or break the game, or at least the way one perceives it. I find this to be especially true in STO where we currently have a severe lack of end-game content.

I hit Rear Admiral after taking my time and enjoying all the episodes, but I'd really like a group of friends in-game to begin exploring what little we have to do, and to participate with in future content. I specified well-rounded, as I don't like being tied down to one play style. Sometimes I like to veg out and mindlessly kill ship after NPC ship, and others I can never forgive those Klingons for the death of my son. I also enjoy occasional RP from time to time and usually maintain a working backstory for my toon.

If any fleets happen upon this thread and are recruiting, I ask that you consider if I might be a possible fit to your fleet. I usually prefer mid-size to large sized fleets, but I'll happily make an exception for exceptional people. Feel free to PM me here, reply to this thread, or send me a tell in-game. Character name is Borkis Bennigan.


Edit: I should probably include:

RA1 Borkis Bennigan - Bajoran Male
Tactical Officer
Fleet Escort - NCC-93266-E USS Discpile