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02-17-2010, 09:55 PM
Originally Posted by maximusnate
Lets just say in the oceanic time slot as captain rank i spent an entire night doing ground pvp and not one of those matches had 5 feds the most i played with was 3 including myself ???
To top that off i played against the same premade klingons all night and got smashed over and over again lol.
I spent most of my time running around fire extinguishing them haha or just respawning and standing still.
NOT 1 5v5 match which is really bad i mean i dont care if i loose against a premade but when you are on your own or have 2 others to help its so not cool.

another night like that and im never doing ground pvp again.
Feds need to learn to que and not leave and whats with leaving during the battle thats just cowardly and pointless considering you still get decent reward.

Harden up captain ranked feds and if you que fkn stay there and dont leave me spawning with one or 2 against 5.

Anyways win loss ratio for ground atm is 2 winz/34 losses and 16 of those losses were me and another fed against 5 klingons yey. I really need a guild that does premades i think cause its just not fair atm

Form your own premade.

Nuff said