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I'm glad to see that
Originally Posted by Aslan_chShran View Post
With all things, I'm sure some of you will disagree with this list, but I DARE some of the Enterprise nay-sayers to re-watch the show, and to skip specific episodes. As far as I'm concerned seasons 3-4 of Enterprise are gold and need to be completely watched but I agree that seasons 1-2 leave a lot to be desired and are part of the reason the show died, despite the amazing final 2 seasons. Anyway, this is the challenge - watch the show in THIS order and then post here your feelings. Trust me, it won't take forever because I'll be skipping a lot of episodes *grin*
I'm glad to see that theres someone else out there who loved the Xindi Arc. It reminds me of BSG, how each season had its own encompassing story. Plus, I just liked the over all feel of the show. Because it was only so far into our own future, it truly made you feel like the technology was with in our grasp. It was almost like watching a steam-punk version of Star Trek.