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02-17-2010, 09:25 PM
My Ferengi captain has, besides Ferengi BOs, 4 aliens. His hyuperian servant (any future Grand Nagus needs one) that came out quite nice except for the nose. I used a Tellarite skin, which is really close otherwise. I was also amazed that the size limit is 2.13 m, which is according to Google the size of Tiny Ron who played Zek's servant in DS9.
Other than that, I have 2 half brothers; both half Cardassian; one half Romulan and one half Klingon. Storywise I had loved to make my roleplay character my main, but having no way to cross 3 species (mostly lacking of Nausicaan teeth or getting a mix of a Cardy spoon with klingon ridges), they are a bit in the wrong story. The last alien BO is a defected Vorta, going with my backstory of a crew of "the Fed's least wanted". My Ferengi captain requested officers that no-one else wanted, feeling his kind is still not really respected and proving his value with other unwanted people would make more of an impact.

Yantis, Vorta scientist
Ariev Dhien, half Cardy, half Klingon
Maha'Darur, hyuperian servant