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02-17-2010, 09:33 PM
Originally Posted by jackokason View Post
well look at it this way. They fixed some bugs in the game already with this coming patch and their still squishing buggies.

I see 2 choices with how people can play:

Option 1: Enjoy the game the way it is and help make it better by reporting bugs and other things that might harm it.

Option 2: Meet the tail end of a phaser sniper bolt gun and be vaporized.

Resistance is futile for the second option.
Yeah I guess so....

Well this one was ticking me off big time... I just wanted to ram my ship into something everytime a whole bunch of stuff kept poping up into my Hot bars....
* Power trays were acting strangely and not remembering what you had placed in your first slot. Code has gone in to address this and should now remember what power you place there.
I just hope it works for the entire hot bar for the Space Combat....

Otherwise... watch out for a ticked off Klingon....