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02-17-2010, 10:22 PM
well at least i would like there would be something to do instead of daily exploration at end-game. i m even ok for only pvp. but that's not in game for level 40+ at the moment too. Beside you can wait 1 hour at pvp queue and if you are lucky you get a game with sth like 6-7 fed.s vs. 1-2 klingons, and Feds make a deal with klingons at zone chat. Feds give Klingons the kills they need and klingons let fed.s to kill me to make the game over. whoa such a pvp great fun. SO hopefully we will get a new content patch next week which will be just before the first free month of players expire. just a few days ago expire time so people will say "hmm we have some content now so let's pay for 1 more month and play what's new" . it would be big risk if the released some new content today. if it was again "content without any content but a few missions with acces computer,acces another computer acces the final computer" people would definetly leave the game at the end of their first month. SO i believe Cryptic has a better financial strategies team then developer team. Good work,keep on