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02-17-2010, 11:26 PM
I too have contemplated why the grammar usage in the game is pretty bad. The only two conclusions I can muster are either the episode developement team was in rush, lacked proper sleep, and the testing team did not catch it for whatever reason or they are just not that good at writing.

There are many things that they could improve; the one thing I would like them to do is start laying down some ground rules for consistency.

I see a lot of "Talk to Soandso" and it really should be:
Casually chatting = Talk to Soandso
Formal conversation = Speak to Soandso

Another thing:
Use turbolift to go to Deck 2 vs. Use the turbolift to go to Deck 2

Another thing:
Never ever abbreviate an NPC's title above their head! Lt. Thelis should be Lieutenant Thelis!