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02-18-2010, 07:04 AM
I run with 1-2 eng BOs in away team. Mine with cover would use cover and then phaser fabrication or quantumm morter fabrication. that way the fabrication could till fire but ot be attacked at range.

Rank 1: Chromium mine barrier
Rank 2: Phaser Fab I (2nd with shield generator or another phaser fab)
Rank 3: Morter Fab I (2nd with med generator or another morter fab. Phaser fab I and 2 don't always work together when I tried)
Rank 4: Cover Shield

Support drone was too weak. It was always the first destroyed. As for cover, my engineers did move around it, but you can't use rally points with it. Also, slot in away team also seem to affect how they react.