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02-18-2010, 08:35 AM
Originally Posted by Lothandros
Science 1 deals with Shields and Engineering 1 deals with hull damage why should they be on the same cooldown? Both have different officer requirements so it would seem to make more sense to me if they weren't on a shared cooldown. Even if they both utilize the system crew it seems to not make much sense.
The system is what part of the ship gets used to execute the skill. The cooldown represents the time it takes to reconfigure the system for the next ability, or whatever.

When you use Engineering team, the engineers drop what they were doing, run down to the transporter room (if necessary), and start fixing the ship you target. Other crew members take over their battle stations in the meantime.

When you use Science team, a similar thing happens, but with science officers. Those science officers, however, are still picking up the slack the Engineering team left at their normal battle stations, so they're not able to leave their stations and go modulate shields and purge debuffs. You have to wait for the engineering team to start arriving back at their battle stations to do so.