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Hey Guys,

anyone else have the same problem?

Since todays patch, its impossible for me to save my second energy allocation, usually the one with maxed shields!!
It now has the same allocation with the third one! This one is predefined as the one with maxed engine power...

And its IMPOSSIBLE for me to change the power allocation to the wished one back:
everytime when i had changed my settings on the second button to max shield power and was trying to save that ... the stupid UI didnt remebered it anymore!!!

So everytime, when i switch my allocation back to another one (for example, hitting the first button with the predefinied maxed weapon setting) and trying to switch again back to max shield setting, the UI didnt remember this saved setting and again gave me maxed engine power

Difficult to explain in a foreign language, but i am thinking, you got the point?!

Check it out: change your second button setting and try to save it... what happens to you?

Thx for feedback