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02-18-2010, 09:09 AM
Originally Posted by novafluxx View Post
Both use crew members. When you beam a team, the rest of your crew mans their posts/stations to compensate, this 20 second cooldown is to simulate this.
Originally Posted by LordSaru
The way I see it is that it takes 20 seconds for the transporter rooms to prep another set of teams to send where they need to go.
Both of these explanations work for me. (Except that since Boarding Party uses shuttles instead of transporters, the second argument doesn't work so well for that one.) But really, it's about game balance. Every bridge officer power uses one of your ship's systems, and locks out others. This puts everybody on a level playing field, even if that seems inaccurate in a few cases. For instance:
If my ship has two torpedo launchers, why does using High Yield or Spread lock out all other torp abilities for the full 20s? Shouldn't I be able to immediately use a second High Yield on the other torpedo tube?
Likewise, a ship with six beams that uses Overload on one should be able to use Fire At Will with a different one before twenty seconds are up.

Now, an easy way to get around this would be to have the global cooldown timer for each system vary with ship type. Crew and "repair" ability (hull or shield) cooldowns might be 20s for an escort, 15s for a science ship, and 10s for a cruiser to reflect the increased number of crew and transporter rooms available to divert to these things. Weapon attacks might be 10s for an escort, 15 for a cruiser, 20 for a science ship, while deflector- or sensor-related abilities would be 10s for a science ship, 15s for an escort, and 20 for a cruiser.
You could even tweak this in regards to the T5 subclasses, with the science-heavy escorts and cruisers getting being a few seconds faster on the sensor stuff, and so on.