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02-18-2010, 10:06 AM
Unless it specifically says so in the description the skills only buff the listed abilities. The early skills buff lots of abilities a little, but the later ones only buff one or two a lot.

If you want to buff your ship get the Starship Command skill and the Energy and Projectile Weapon skills and their associated skill trees. Everything else just buffs specific abilities.

I will give one word of warning, don't spend your skill points on the specific ship skills (Heavy Cruiser, Heavy Escort, Research Science, etc...) when you hit commander or captain as they don't buff any other ships that you'll get after that point. Save up and figure out which ship you want to pilot at admiral and put the points into that specific one.

Same goes for Energy and Projectile Weapons. Decide what weapons you want to use at the end of the game before putting points into specific weapons types.

All other skills are completely dependent on which abilities you want to use or be able to train. Just remember that you can only train your specific classes Bridge Officers. So even if you get the ability to train Emergency Power to Shields III unless you are an Engineering Officer you won't be able to train anyone with that ability.