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Originally Posted by Vindale View Post
Do trainable player skills have any bonus other than the listed effect? IE - Starship Shield Maintenace, it states that it effects the power of the following skills; Emergency Power to Shields & Reverse Shield Polarity. Do I get any other bonus for training points into this box?

Just trying to find out if skills have any kind of hidden ship bonuses or things.
The example abilities listed in a skill's description are just that - examples. Most skills affect more abilities than are listed in their description.

The following skills appear to have secondary effects on certain aspects of your ship, in addition to boosting the relevant abilities:
  • Starship Warp Core Training (Starship Engineering group, T1) - boosts the power output of all four systems (weapons, shields, engines and auxiliary). Bonus is inversely proportional to the power setting (so you get the biggest bonus at a setting of 25, and no bonus at a setting of 75 or higher)
  • Starship <system> Efficiency (Starship Engineering group, T3) - same effect as Starship Warp Core Training, but only for the specific system in the name of the skill
  • Starship <system> Performance (Starship Engineering group, T4-5) - boosts the power output in the specific system in the name of the skill, regardless of power setting
  • Starship Subsystem Repair (Starship Engineering group, T4) - has been reported to reduce the duration of 'system disable' effects (such as the special effect of phasers, or the innate targeting abilities of science vessels). Not checked this myself yet
  • Starship Hull Repair (Starship Engineering group, T5) - description says it boosts base hull repair rate. Not checked this myself yet
In addition, Starship Command and the 'Captain' skills increase the hull strength, speed and turn rate of the relevant types of ship, but that's their primary function, rather than a secondary effect.