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02-18-2010, 11:32 AM
Originally Posted by YuriFoxfirega
I imagine you can ask a few Klingon players what it feels like to bust out the Vo'quv Dreadnaught if it makes you feel better about the situation (seriously, those things are ridiculously huge. It's not even funny. I hear reports they handle like a drunk duck in a diaper, as well).

The only Federation dreadnaught in the game, though, is the Jupiter-class that I do believe the Klingon players get on the recieving end of at least once (or I at least hope so - I've been hammered on by NUMEROUS Vo'quv before, and it sucks).

I imagine the people in Star/Assault Cruisers right now are facepalming in unison from reading this post, too, because the handling problems for any ship larger then those are going to be massively increased. Not very fun to pilot, and a lot less effective then you would imagine.

EDIT: It's a slow news day for me. >_>
Yeah. I cant imagine a federation cruiser. Being a star cruiser captain and one forced to use the Mk IV efficient engines (because they are in fact efficient and boost my stats) I hate turning. And when I fight those Vo\quv's I never see them move. They just plant them selves against a solid surface so all attacks have to be broad side and just sit there spamming 30 bazillion flying things so you cant even see them through the mess and shoot. Dont do that much damage though (power drain... without eps transer and emergency power to weapons I can broad side for about 5 seconds)