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02-18-2010, 01:53 PM
Originally Posted by Zautin View Post
Reguardless of how you feel, the Op is right. Cloak is very clearly OP and any klingon saying otherwise is disreguarding the issue. Getting to setup your strategy, forcing a first target to take an initial volley is massive advantage.

Its almost mindlessly easy to take on extremely organized feds.

To the topic , at least in thier 5/10 day trial they will get to experience every bit of content the game has to offer, for free \o/.

Clearly? No. That's an opinion. Yours. Shared by others, of course.

Not mine.

Nor others like myself.

And no, I don't play a Klingon character (As my main that is. I have a Science-Klink alt)...

And no - "extremely organized feds" are not easy to take on. I'll let you know when the situation changes for me.

This...."YourOpinion != MyOpinion, therefore YourOpinion = FALSE" thing swings both ways...does not make either side right.

Stealth is a fantastic tool, don't get me wrong...Any game, and I've played many, that employs stealth as a game mechanic is a wonderful exhibition of such. **** and Shadowbane are my most favorite examples.

There were always those, like yourself, that considered it to be clearly owerpowered. And again - there were always those, that accepted it as a rule of the game, played against it and won.

Only thing that differs is which side of the see-saw the player finds himself on, eh?