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02-18-2010, 01:38 PM
Originally Posted by Aslan_chShran View Post
It's Xindi, and it's one of the best seasons of Star Trek so I think they knew exactly what they were thinking...
I think youre falling into the fault of trying to convince everyone to agree with you. I might be wrong, but its looking that way to me.

You are however, in the minority from my experince. Everytime I have brought up Enterprise, those who chimed in say that Ent would have been a great series had they scraped the whole temporal war thing...

Not saying youre wrong or youre stupid, you seem to be posting your opinion about the show, so I was posting mine.

I loved the series, I love Bakula, and mirror-T'Pol and regular Hoshi were my two favourites... some of the temporal war episodes were good, but the story arc as a whole needs a serious rework.