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I just finished "Divide et Impera" and I'm a bit puzzled. After clearing the first room, finding no WMDs there and reading in the Romulan computer that the place was all about discovering Undine, I was quite sure what was going to happen.

The problem is, the mission was a one way road and I had no alternative to outsmart Zelle/8472. Why? In "The Defector" Picard finds an option to do both: Make sure, the Federation is safe AND prepare to doublecross the bad guy's plot. I think one should have the option to end the mission prematurely and not to force the player to walk right into the trap. (I don't mean beaming up and dropping the assignment)

I know, this mission may be important for the overall story arc. But it is really unsatisfying to be forced to do all the wrong things for the wrong reasons and help the bad guy win without wanting to. In interviews Craig talks so much about giving the players choice and how important it is. Well, I feel, if you can not mount a mutiny against what are clearly immoral orders, than the game does not allow for much choice at all. And why the heck am I rewarded by Starfleet with loot and merit for almost certainly igniting a second war front?

Sorry, that was really a lowpoint so far regarding storytelling. And so far it was surprisingly good!