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02-18-2010, 04:24 PM
Originally Posted by LoKi_
Ive been killing borg cubes effortlessly for the past few hours as I have discovered the Hold near-immunity buff does not work.

To start with I VM2 a borg cube then sit between 9 - 10k stationary shooting with cannons as soon as the global cooldown for VM is over I fire VM1 at the cube, much to my suprise.. It works everytime.

The near-immunity is nowhere as "near" to Immunity as it describes,Ii would suggest changing the buff received after being VM'd to "Hold-Immunity" and giving a 100% chance to resist VM while its active.

This would explain why there have been reports of chain VM occuring in pvp.
I'm not sure I understand what a "global" cooldown is!
Viral Matrix I (and II)

Targets Foe
90' targeting arc
10 kilometer Range
0.5 sec activate
1 min 10 (VM I) [25 (VM II)] sec recharge
  • Hold for 8 (VM I) [10 (VM II)] sec
    • ; applies Hold Near-immunity upon expiration
Are you talking about the 1 min 10 (or 25) sec recharge, or the 8 (or 10) sec hold time?

Immediately after the 8 (or 10) sec hold time, the Target Foe is under the effect of Hold Near-immunity. I'm not sure, to me this looks like to any kind of hold. What the duration of this effect is I have no idea. But that gives 1min 2sec for VM I, or 1min 15sec for VM II, of near-immunity effect. So if your refering to the recharge time, that is plenty of time for the Target Foe to have lost the effects of near-immunity.

However, if your using Vm I and VM II, then which ever you use first you can extend the hold time by useing the second one (your choice of which to use first) on the last second of hold duration. Which means, you have to be counting off seconds immediately on the use of the first Viral Matrix.