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It's not the lack of PvE content. It's not being treated like a second class faction. It's not having less sector space. And it is definitely not the lack of crafting or lack of real episodes.

The most horrendous injustice by far is that we are unable to access our Del Taco pet shuttle! The only reason I pre-ordered this game was so that I could ride along in my cloaked BoP with my uncloaked shuttle humming along as a little decoy. I was really in the mood for Taco Bell, but I drove an extra two blocks out of my way to get Del Taco instead. That's the cost of the cup plus at least another 7 cents in gas. No where on that cup, which coincidentally was of a Klingon bird of prey, does it say "shuttle for Fed-rats only." Just change the paint job to green and call it captured Fed technology, do whatever it takes to get my Klingon a pet shuttle...

Seriously though, I like playing a Klingon and will continue to do so. You probably clicked this thread because you feel slighted as a Klingon and want to share your 2 cents. Hang in there, guys. I'm sure Cryptic will add SOMETHING to our faction to satiate our hunger for battle. In the meantime, take it all in stride. Remember that there are other Klingons riding out the storm with you. This game could use a healthy Klingon population to help it succeed long term, and losing that means losing Klink AND Fed subscriptions. They'll work something out, and remember in the end, it's just a game.