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# 3 Epic Failure.
02-18-2010, 04:57 PM
This mission was an ABSOLUTE AND EPIC FAILURE from a storyline and continuity standpoint.

As the OP pointed out, not only was the "twist" painfully evident after clearing the first room, but the player is given NO opportunity to exercise the proper moral decision any starfleet officer would make. I found the actions necessary to complete the mission to be completely contrary to the core principals of star trek in general, and the UFP in particular.

Despite obvious evidence that the facility was not a military target, the player is never given the chance to refuse orders or find a different solution. In order to continue the main story line, the player MUST complete the mission, and is thus railroaded into actions that most players see as behavior contrary to established cannon.

I understand that as an MMO (or videogame in general) interaction is heavily weighed towards combat, but there is a distinct difference between blasting countless klingons who are attacking you, and the wholesale slaughter of medical and science personnel who are damn near defenseless.

Re-write or scrub this mission from the storyline!